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Finger Light - FL3421W-24
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Sona Enterprises

Finger Light - FL3421W-24

Finger Light - FL3421W-24

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Finger Light - FL3421W-24: Compact Illumination for Precision Tasks

Super Bright LED Technology:

  • High-Intensity Light: Each finger light is equipped with a 13,000 MCD white LED bulb, providing super bright illumination for detailed tasks.

Versatile and Adjustable Design:

  • Flexible Strapping: Features adjustable hook and loop straps, making it easy to attach the lights around fingers, pens, pencils, screwdrivers, or other small tools.
  • One-Size-Fits-Most: The straps are designed to fit most finger sizes comfortably, ensuring the light stays securely in place during use.

Battery-Powered for Convenience:

  • Battery Requirements: Operates using (3) AG10 batteries, which are included with the product, allowing for immediate use upon purchase.
  • Long-Lasting Performance: Efficient LED technology ensures a prolonged battery life, providing reliable light over extended periods.

Colorful and Fun:

  • Assorted Colors: Available in a range of colors, including blue, clear, green, and red, adding a fun and personalized touch. Please note there is no option to choose specific colors.
  • Adds a Festive Touch: Ideal for use at fishing trips, concerts, festivals, and other events where added light and color can enhance the experience.

Ideal for Detailed Work:

  • Enhances Visibility: Perfect for working on small and intricate projects where precision lighting is essential.
  • Targeted Illumination: Directs light exactly where needed, making it easier to focus on detailed tasks without straining your eyes.

Multipurpose and Practical:

  • Great for Outdoor Activities: Useful for night fishing or camping, providing hands-free lighting in the dark.
  • Event-Ready: Enhances the experience at concerts and festivals, allowing for safe and enjoyable navigation in low-light conditions.


The Finger Light - FL3421W-24 is a versatile, practical, and fun lighting tool, ideal for a wide range of activities that require precise, hands-free illumination. Whether you're working on a detailed project, enjoying outdoor activities, or attending festive events, these compact and bright LED finger lights are an excellent accessory to enhance visibility and add a touch of fun to your activities.