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"Hide & Seek World Champion" Sasquatch Metal Sign - 2290
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Desperate Enterprises

"Hide & Seek World Champion" Sasquatch Metal Sign - 2290

"Hide & Seek World Champion" Sasquatch Metal Sign - 2290

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"Hide & Seek World Champion" Sasquatch Metal Sign - 2290: Quirky Decor with a Touch of Mystery

Charming and Playful Design:

  • Sasquatch Theme: The sign humorously features the legendary Sasquatch, playfully dubbed the "Hide & Seek World Champion," adding a whimsical touch to your decor.
  • Appealing Graphics: Eye-catching and amusing artwork that sparks conversations and brings a smile to everyone's face.

Quality Material and Craftsmanship:

  • Tin Sign Material: Made from durable tin, ensuring the sign is long-lasting and resistant to wear.
  • Size Dimensions: Measures 12.5 inches by 16 inches (31.75 cm x 40.64 cm), making it a noticeable yet fitting addition to various spaces.

Versatile Display Options:

  • Vertical/Portrait Layout: The sign's vertical or portrait orientation offers versatile hanging options, fitting well in a range of room layouts.
  • Easy to Hang: Designed for simple installation in your home, office, workshop, or as part of a themed display.

Ideal for Various Settings:

  • Perfect for Themed Decor: An excellent choice for those who enjoy folklore, mythical creatures, or humorous decor.
  • Broad Appeal: Appeals to fans of the outdoors, mystery enthusiasts, and those with a playful sense of humor.

Unique and Engaging:

  • Conversation Starter: This sign is bound to spark interest and conversation among guests, making it a unique focal point.
  • Adds Character: Brings a unique and lighthearted element to any room, enhancing the overall ambiance with a blend of humor and mystery.


The "Hide & Seek World Champion" Sasquatch Metal Sign - 2290 offers a delightful blend of humor and mystique, making it a perfect addition for anyone looking to add a quirky and amusing touch to their space. Its durable construction, appealing design, and versatile display options make it a charming and lasting piece of decor. Whether you're a fan of folklore, enjoy whimsical art, or simply appreciate a good laugh, this Sasquatch-themed sign is sure to be a hit in your home or office.