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Hopkins 2pc Firewood Rack Brackets - 90142MI
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2x4 Basics

Hopkins 2pc Firewood Rack Brackets - 90142MI

Hopkins 2pc Firewood Rack Brackets - 90142MI

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Hopkins 2pc Firewood Rack Brackets - 90142MI: Customizable and Sturdy for Efficient Storage

Ideal for Organizing Spaces and Materials:

  • Versatile Storage Solution: The Hopkins 2pc Firewood Rack Brackets are designed to facilitate easy organization in garages, sheds, or workshops. These brackets help in efficiently organizing materials, particularly firewood, and keeping them off the floor. This not only tidies up the space but also aids in preventing moisture damage to the wood.

  • Customizable to Fit Various Spaces: One of the key features of these brackets is their ability to be used in building a firewood rack of any size up to 8 feet long. This customization allows for the creation of a storage solution that perfectly fits your space and meets your specific needs.

Enhanced Versatility with Multiple Kits:

  • Option for Multi-Layer or Multi-Section Structures: By using two or more kits, you can create a multi-layer or multi-section firewood rack. This flexibility is beneficial for those who need to store larger quantities of wood or want to organize different types of materials in separate sections.

Easy to Assemble and Durable:

  • Kit Includes Necessary Hardware: Each kit includes two firewood rack brackets and all the necessary hardware for assembly. The inclusion of these components ensures a straightforward and hassle-free setup process.

  • Lumber Not Included: The kit does not include lumber, allowing you to choose the specific type and size of lumber that best suits your requirements and aesthetic preferences.

  • Robust Bracket Design for Stability: The brackets are designed for durability and stability, ensuring that the firewood rack can hold a significant amount of weight without wobbling or collapsing.

Convenient and Practical for Various Applications:

  • Ideal for Home and Workshop Use: Whether you need to store firewood for home heating purposes or organize materials in a workshop, these brackets provide a practical and reliable solution.

  • Keeps Firewood Dry and Accessible: By elevating the firewood off the ground, the rack helps keep it dry and free from ground moisture, which is crucial for maintaining the wood’s quality and burn efficiency.


The Hopkins 2pc Firewood Rack Brackets - 90142MI offer an effective and customizable solution for organizing and storing firewood or other materials. With the ability to build a rack up to 8 feet long and the option to create multi-layer structures, these brackets are ideal for a variety of organizational needs in homes, garages, sheds, and workshops. The kit's ease of assembly, combined with the durability of the brackets, makes it a practical and valuable addition to any space requiring efficient and sturdy storage solutions.