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"In this Place" Metal Sign - 2131
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Desperate Enterprises

"In this Place" Metal Sign - 2131

"In this Place" Metal Sign - 2131

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"In this Place" Metal Sign - 2131: Patriotic and Expressive Decor

Showcase Your Values with Bold Messaging:

  • Patriotic and Supportive Sentiments: The "In this Place" Metal Sign is a statement piece that conveys strong patriotic and supportive messages. It's perfect for displaying in spaces where you want to express your values and beliefs openly. The sign reads: "IN THIS PLACE WE ALWAYS SALUTE OUR FLAG, SUPPORT OUR TROOPS, BUY AMERICAN, SAY MERRY CHRISTMAS, SAY ONE NATION UNDER GOD, RESPECT OUR LAW ENFORCEMENT, IF THIS OFFENDS YOU, THERE'S THE DOOR."

  • Ideal for Like-minded Gatherings: This sign is particularly suited for environments where these sentiments are shared and celebrated, such as homes, community centers, or certain business establishments that align with these values.

Durable and Eye-Catching Design:

  • Robust Metal Construction: Crafted from metal, the sign is durable and designed to last. Its sturdy nature ensures it can be displayed indoors or in sheltered outdoor areas without concern for wear and tear.

  • Clear and Readable Text: The messaging is presented in a clear, readable font, ensuring that the text is easily visible and impactful. The straightforward design makes it a focal point of any room or space it adorns.

Versatile Display Options:

  • Suitable for Various Settings: Whether it’s hung in a living room, workshop, office, or public space, this sign can find its place in a variety of environments. Its bold messaging and durable construction make it a versatile choice for different locations.

  • Easy to Install: The metal sign is designed for easy installation, with mounting options that can accommodate various surfaces. This ease of installation allows for quick placement and the ability to relocate the sign as desired.

Express Your Stance Unapologetically:

  • A Bold Declaration: The sign's message is unapologetic and direct, ideal for those who wish to express their patriotic and cultural values openly. It's a declaration of support and respect for national symbols and institutions.


The "In this Place" Metal Sign - 2131 is more than just a decorative item; it's a bold expression of patriotic and cultural values. Its durable construction, clear messaging, and versatile display options make it an ideal choice for those who want to showcase their support and pride in a straightforward and unambiguous manner. This sign is a fitting addition to any space where these values are cherished and celebrated.