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King 5in Multi Vise - 0128-0
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King 5in Multi Vise - 0128-0

King 5in Multi Vise - 0128-0

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King 5in Multi Vise - 0128-0: Versatile and Durable for Workshop Applications

Multi-Functional Design for Diverse Projects:

  • 5-Inch Multipurpose Vise: The King 5in Multi Vise is a versatile tool with a 5-inch jaw width, suitable for a wide range of clamping and holding tasks. Its size and design make it ideal for both professional workshops and home garages.

  • Anvil and Swivel Handle Features: This multi vise includes an anvil for shaping and beating tasks, and a swivel handle for easy adjustment. These features enhance its functionality, making it more than just a standard vise.

High-Quality Construction for Precision and Durability:

  • Precision Casting Body: The vise is constructed with a precision casting body, ensuring durability and reliability. This build quality is important for maintaining accuracy and alignment during clamping operations.

  • Powder Coating Finish: A powder coating finish not only gives the vise a professional look but also adds an extra layer of protection against rust and corrosion, prolonging its lifespan.

Full Range of Motion for Flexibility:

  • 360-Degree Rotating Head: The rotating head of the vise allows for 360-degree movement, providing flexibility in positioning the workpiece. This feature is particularly useful for complex projects requiring various angles.

  • 360-Degree Swivel Base: The vise also features a 360-degree swivel base, enhancing its versatility. This allows the vise to be rotated and locked in place at any angle, offering greater accessibility and convenience.

Additional Functionalities for Enhanced Usability:

  • Anvil for Metalworking: The integrated anvil provides a sturdy surface for metal shaping and fabrication tasks, making this vise a multipurpose tool for various metalworking projects.

  • Scale Ruler for Measurement: A scale ruler is included on the vise, allowing for quick measurements and alignments. This addition is helpful for precision work where accurate measurements are crucial.


The King 5in Multi Vise - 0128-0 is a robust and versatile tool, ideal for a variety of clamping and shaping tasks in the workshop. Its multifunctional design, precision construction, full range of motion, and additional features like the anvil and scale ruler, make it a valuable asset for both professional and amateur craftsmen. Whether for metalworking, woodworking, or general maintenance, this multi vise offers the flexibility, precision, and durability needed for effective and efficient work.