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Knipex 3pc Cobra Water Pump Plier Set - 9K008005US
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Knipex 3pc Cobra Water Pump Plier Set - 9K008005US

Knipex 3pc Cobra Water Pump Plier Set - 9K008005US

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Knipex 3pc Cobra Water Pump Plier Set - 9K008005US: Precision and Strength for Diverse Gripping Tasks

Optimized for Versatile Gripping Applications:

  • Adaptable to Various Shapes: The Knipex Cobra® Water Pump Pliers set is designed to grip a multitude of shapes effectively. Whether the object is round, square, hexagonal, or flat, these pliers provide an exceptional grip, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

  • Three Popular Sizes for Flexibility: This set includes three of the most popular sizes (7 1/4", 10", and 12") with multi-component handles. These sizes are ideal for tasks that require up to 2 3/4" gripping capacity, offering versatility for both professional and home use.

Advanced Design for Enhanced Performance:

  • One-Button Adjustment for Ease of Use: The pliers feature an adjustment mechanism that can be activated at the touch of a button directly on the workpiece. This allows for fine adjustment and optimum adaptation to different sized workpieces, ensuring a comfortable and effective gripping position.

  • Self-Locking Mechanism for Efficiency: The self-locking design on pipes and nuts means there's no slipping off the workpiece, and it requires low hand force. This feature increases efficiency and reduces the effort required during use.

Durable Construction and Safe Operation:

  • Hardened Teeth for Durability: The gripping surfaces of the pliers are equipped with specially hardened teeth (approx. 61 HRC), resulting in low wear and reliable gripping over time. This hardness ensures longevity and consistent performance.

  • Box-Joint Design for Stability: The double guide box-joint design contributes to the high stability of the pliers, making them robust and reliable under pressure.

  • Pinch Guard and Secure Catching Mechanism: A built-in pinch guard prevents operators' fingers from being pinched, enhancing safety during use. Additionally, the reliable catching of the hinge bolt prevents unintentional shifting, ensuring secure and precise operation.

Set Composition for Comprehensive Use:

  • Three Diverse Sizes for Comprehensive Coverage: The set includes three Cobra® Water Pump Pliers in sizes 87 02 180 (7 1/4"), 87 02 250 (10"), and 87 02 300 (12"). This range of sizes ensures that you have the right tool for various gripping and wrenching tasks.


The Knipex 3pc Cobra Water Pump Plier Set - 9K008005US is a highly versatile and efficient toolset for gripping and wrenching applications. Its advanced design features, such as the one-button adjustment, self-locking mechanism, hardened teeth, and safety measures, make it a top choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. The inclusion of three popular sizes in the set provides a comprehensive solution for a variety of tasks, ensuring precision, strength, and safety in your gripping work.