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Maxsa Automotive Litter Locker - 21520
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Maxsa Automotive Litter Locker - 21520

Maxsa Automotive Litter Locker - 21520

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Maxsa Automotive Litter Locker - 21520: Convenient and Versatile for Vehicle Cleanliness

Effective Solution for In-Car Trash Management:

  • Keeps Trash Out of Sight: The Maxsa Automotive Litter Locker is designed with a Velcro closure that effectively keeps unsightly trash hidden from view. This feature is essential for maintaining a clean and organized appearance inside your vehicle.

  • Traps in Odors: The Velcro closure also helps to trap in odors, preventing the spread of unpleasant smells within your car. This is particularly beneficial during long journeys or when disposing of food-related trash.

Durable and Easy-to-Clean Material:

  • Waterproof for Spill Prevention: Made from waterproof material, the Litter Locker eliminates concerns about spills and leaks. This is especially useful for containing liquid waste or preventing accidental spillage from affecting your vehicle's interior.

  • Easy to Clean Interior: The waterproof interior of the Litter Locker is easy to clean after use. Any spills or stains can be quickly wiped away, ensuring the locker remains hygienic and ready for its next use.

Multipurpose and Universally Compatible:

  • Not Limited to Trash: While primarily intended for trash, the Maxsa Litter Locker can also be used for storing snacks and beverages, kids' toys, or even as a short-term cooler. Its versatility makes it a valuable accessory for family trips, picnics, or everyday errands.

  • Universal Fit for All Vehicles: The design of the Litter Locker ensures a universal fit, making it suitable for use in a wide range of vehicles. Regardless of the make or model of your car, this accessory can be easily incorporated.

Enhances In-Car Experience:

  • Maintains Vehicle Cleanliness: By providing a dedicated space for trash, the Litter Locker plays a crucial role in maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of your vehicle's interior.

  • Convenient for Drivers and Passengers: Its ease of use and accessibility make it a convenient option for both drivers and passengers, promoting responsible trash disposal during travel.


The Maxsa Automotive Litter Locker - 21520 is a practical and versatile solution for managing trash and maintaining cleanliness in vehicles. Its odor-trapping feature, waterproof design, and ease of cleaning make it an essential accessory for any car. Additionally, its multipurpose use and universal compatibility extend its functionality beyond just a trash container, enhancing the overall in-car experience for all occupants.