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Outdoor 7in Tanto Blade Knife w/ Fire Starter - KHK6320
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Sona Enterprises

Outdoor 7in Tanto Blade Knife w/ Fire Starter - KHK6320

Outdoor 7in Tanto Blade Knife w/ Fire Starter - KHK6320

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Outdoor 7in Tanto Blade Knife w/ Fire Starter - KHK6320: Rugged and Multi-Functional for Outdoor Adventures

Robust and Durable Design:

  • Full Tang Stainless Steel Blade: The knife features a 7-inch full tang stainless steel blade, providing excellent strength and durability. The full tang design ensures stability and balance, making it reliable for various cutting tasks.

  • Black Coating for Added Durability: The blade is coated in black, enhancing its resistance to corrosion and wear. This coating also minimizes reflective glare, which can be beneficial in tactical or hunting situations.

Optimized for Outdoor Use:

  • Tanto Blade for Versatility: The tanto blade design is known for its strength and piercing capability, making it suitable for a range of outdoor and survival tasks, including cutting, slicing, and self-defense.

  • Thick Army Green Cord Wrap Handle: The handle is wrapped in a thick army green cord, providing a comfortable and secure grip. This cord can also be unwrapped and used in emergency situations, adding to the knife's versatility.

Convenient and Practical Accessories:

  • Nylon Sheath for Protection: The knife comes with a nylon sheath, offering convenient storage and protection when the knife is not in use. The sheath also makes it easy to carry the knife safely while hiking or camping.

  • Magnesium Alloy Firestarter: Included with the knife is a magnesium alloy firestarter, essential for outdoor survival situations. This firestarter is robust and reliable, ensuring you can start a fire in various weather conditions.

Ideal for Outdoor Enthusiasts:

  • Perfect for Camping, Hiking, and Survival: The knife's robust construction, firestarter, and versatile blade make it an ideal tool for camping, hiking, survival training, and outdoor adventures.


The Outdoor 7in Tanto Blade Knife w/ Fire Starter - KHK6320 is a rugged, multi-functional tool designed for outdoor enthusiasts. Its durable stainless steel blade, comfortable cord-wrapped handle, and included firestarter make it a versatile and essential piece of equipment for camping, hiking, and survival situations. Whether you're preparing firewood, setting up camp, or in need of a reliable survival tool, this knife is up to the task.