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Peerless Chain 48in - 108in Adjustable Smart Cargo Bar - CC5010
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Peerless Chain

Peerless Chain 48in - 108in Adjustable Smart Cargo Bar - CC5010

Peerless Chain 48in - 108in Adjustable Smart Cargo Bar - CC5010

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Peerless Chain 48in - 108in Adjustable Smart Cargo Bar - CC5010: Secure and Versatile for Load Management

Product Overview: The Peerless Chain Adjustable Smart Cargo Bar - CC5010, known as the SmartBar™, is a highly versatile and efficient tool designed for securing cargo in trailers. It features an adjustable length ranging from 48 inches to 108 inches, making it suitable for a wide range of vehicles, from small truck beds to full high cube trailer widths. The SmartBar™ is equipped with soft rubber feet for better grip and cushioning against trailer walls, making it ideal for bracing full or partial loads securely.

Key Features and Benefits:

Adaptable to Various Trailer Sizes:

  • Large Adjustment Range: Can be continuously adjusted to fit spaces from 48” to 108”, accommodating different trailer and truck bed sizes.

Enhanced Cargo Security:

  • Rubber Feet for Superior Gripping: Provides excellent grip and compensates for the flex of some trailers, ensuring cargo stays in place.
  • Horizontal or Vertical Positioning: Offers flexibility in cargo securement, adapting to various types of loads and spaces.

Durable and Strong Construction:

  • Square Tubing: Offers a stronger hold and is less susceptible to bending compared to round tubing, providing more surface area against cargo.
  • 20% More Holding Power: Delivers significantly greater holding power than conventional load locks.

User-Friendly Design:

  • Vinyl Coated Lever: Ensures smooth and positive operation, making adjustments and securing cargo easier.
  • SmartBar™ Repair Kit: Optional kit available for easy maintenance and repair.

Optional E-Trak Attachment:

  • Enhanced Holding Power: The SmartBar™ E-Trak attachment is available for use with any SmartBar™, doubling the front-to-back holding power into trailer E-track locks.

Conclusion: The Peerless Chain Adjustable Smart Cargo Bar - CC5010 (SmartBar™) is an essential tool for anyone needing to secure cargo in a trailer or truck bed. Its adjustable nature, strong build, and versatile design make it ideal for a variety of cargo securement needs. Whether for commercial shipping, moving, or recreational use, the SmartBar™ ensures that your cargo remains safely in place during transit, providing peace of mind and enhanced safety on the road.