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Performance Tool 113pc Auto Fuse Assortment w/ Tester - W9045
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Performance Tool

Performance Tool 113pc Auto Fuse Assortment w/ Tester - W9045

Performance Tool 113pc Auto Fuse Assortment w/ Tester - W9045

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Performance Tool 113pc Auto Fuse Assortment w/ Tester - W9045: Essential and User-Friendly for Vehicle Maintenance

Comprehensive Fuse Selection:

  • Wide Range of Fuses: The 113-piece auto fuse kit includes a variety of standard and mini-sized automotive and marine blade fuses, covering the most common needs for vehicle repairs and electrical work.

Easily Identifiable Fuses:

  • Color-Coded with Amp Ratings: Each fuse features industry-standard color coding and silver-plated blades, which indicate the amp ratings. This feature simplifies the process of identifying and selecting the correct fuse for specific applications.

Included 4-in-1 Fuse Tester:

  • Versatile Testing Tool: The kit comes with a 4-in-1 LED automotive fuse tester, capable of testing mini, standard, and maxi-sized fuses. The adjustable pins make it easy to test a variety of fuse sizes. If the fuse is functional, the LED will light up, providing a quick and reliable way to check fuse integrity.

Convenient and Organized Storage:

  • User-Friendly Storage Case: The fuses and tester are housed in a 2-sided flip case with clear lids, making it easy to see and select the desired fuse. The case also features a peg hook hanger tab for convenient storage and accessibility.

Variety of Fuse Sizes Included:

  • Diverse Amp Ratings: The kit includes 8 pieces of each APM/mini and APR/standard sized fuses in 5A (Orange), 10A (Red), 15A (Blue), 20A (Yellow), 25A (Clear), and 30A (Green). Additionally, it contains 8 mini fuses in 3A (Brown) and 7.5A (Purple), providing a wide range of options for different electrical requirements.

Ideal for Automotive and Marine Use:

  • Versatile for Vehicles and Boats: Suitable for both automotive and marine applications, this fuse assortment is a valuable tool for mechanics, electricians, and DIY enthusiasts who work with vehicle and boat electrical systems.


The Performance Tool 113pc Auto Fuse Assortment w/ Tester - W9045 is an essential and comprehensive kit for anyone involved in automotive and marine electrical maintenance. With its wide range of fuse sizes, easy identification system, convenient storage solution, and included fuse tester, this kit provides a practical and efficient way to manage and replace fuses, ensuring reliable electrical functioning in various vehicles and boats.