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Performance Tool 3 Speed Cage Fan - W50068
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Performance Tool

Performance Tool 3 Speed Cage Fan - W50068

Performance Tool 3 Speed Cage Fan - W50068

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Performance Tool 3 Speed Cage Fan - W50068: Powerful and Versatile for Efficient Air Circulation

High Air Movement Capacity:

  • Substantial Airflow: The Performance Tool 3 Speed Cage Fan boasts a capability of moving 1,200 cubic feet of air per minute. This high volume of air movement makes it effective for rapid cooling, ventilating spaces, or drying areas.

Adjustable Speed Settings:

  • 3-Speed Control: With a 3-speed switch, this fan offers different levels of air speed, allowing you to adjust the airflow based on your specific needs, whether it's gentle circulation or powerful air movement.

Convenient and Safe to Use:

  • Grounded Convenience Outlets: The fan comes with grounded convenience outlets, enhancing its utility and allowing you to plug in additional tools or devices safely.

  • CSA Approved for Safety: Being CSA approved, the fan meets the required Canadian safety standards, ensuring it is safe for use in various settings.

Flexible Positioning for Targeted Airflow:

  • Four Position Settings: It can be set in four different positions, allowing for concentrated air flow and more effective drying or cooling in specific areas.

Far-Reaching Effect:

  • Strong Air Reach: The fan is capable of projecting air up to 30 feet away, ensuring efficient air circulation even in larger spaces.

Ideal for Various Environments:

  • Multipurpose Use: This fan is perfect for use in workshops, garages, warehouses, and other large spaces where high-volume air movement is necessary. Its adjustable settings and positioning make it versatile for a range of applications.


The Performance Tool 3 Speed Cage Fan - W50068 is a powerful, versatile, and safe tool for effective air circulation. Its high airflow capacity, adjustable speed settings, safe design, and flexible positioning make it an ideal choice for anyone needing efficient air movement in larger spaces or for targeted drying purposes. Whether for professional or personal use, this fan provides a reliable and effective solution for your air circulation needs.