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Performance Tool 44pc Button Cell Battery Assortment - W483
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Performance Tool

Performance Tool 44pc Button Cell Battery Assortment - W483

Performance Tool 44pc Button Cell Battery Assortment - W483

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Performance Tool 44pc Button Cell Battery Assortment - W483: Comprehensive and Convenient for Everyday Needs

Extensive Collection of Common Battery Sizes:

  • Wide Range of Popular Button Cell Batteries: This 44-piece assortment includes a variety of the most commonly used button cell batteries, ensuring you have the right battery for various devices.

  • Multiple Pieces of Each Type: The set includes 12 pieces of AG13 (LR44), 6 pieces of AG3 (LR41), 12 pieces of CR2032, 6 pieces of CR2016, 4 pieces of CR2025, and 4 pieces of CR1616.

Ideal for a Variety of Devices:

  • Versatile for Everyday Electronics: These batteries are perfect for a wide range of small electronic devices, including watches, calculators, toys, digital thermometers, and various medical devices.

  • Essential for Emergency and Convenience: Keep this assortment on hand to quickly replace dead batteries in essential household items, ensuring they are always functional when needed.

Reliable and Long-Lasting:

  • High-Quality Performance: Each battery in the assortment is designed to provide reliable and long-lasting power, ensuring your devices work effectively for an extended period.

  • Ready for Immediate Use: Batteries come ready to use, providing immediate power for new devices or replacements for old batteries.

Convenient and Organized Packaging:

  • Easy to Store and Identify: The batteries are neatly packaged and labeled for easy identification and storage, making it simple to find the exact battery you need.

  • Compact Design for Easy Storage: The compact packaging design makes this assortment easy to store in a drawer, toolbox, or glove compartment, keeping these essential items within easy reach.


The Performance Tool 44pc Button Cell Battery Assortment - W483 is a must-have for any household or workspace. Its comprehensive range of popular battery sizes and the convenience of having multiple pieces of each type make it an invaluable resource for maintaining a variety of small electronic devices. This battery set ensures that you are always prepared with a reliable power source for your everyday electronics.