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Performance Tool 64oz Dead Blow Mallet - M7264
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Performance Tool

Performance Tool 64oz Dead Blow Mallet - M7264

Performance Tool 64oz Dead Blow Mallet - M7264

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Performance Tool 64oz Dead Blow Mallet - M7264: Efficient and Safe for Impact Applications

Designed for Maximum Impact and Safety:

  • High-Visibility Color: The Performance Tool 64oz Dead Blow Mallet comes in a high-visibility color, typically bright orange, making it easily noticeable in a work environment. This feature enhances safety by ensuring the mallet is always visible, reducing the risk of accidental mishandling or tripping over it.

  • Reinforced Steel Handle with Anti-Shock Grip: The mallet is equipped with a reinforced steel handle that provides durability and strength. The anti-shock grip minimizes vibration and shock transmitted to the user's hand, offering comfort during use, especially in applications requiring repeated striking.

Non-Marring and Non-Sparking Features:

  • Soft Face for Delicate Surfaces: The non-marring, soft face of the mallet ensures that it won’t damage the surfaces it strikes. This feature is particularly useful when working with delicate or finished materials where surface integrity is crucial.

  • Non-Sparking for Safe Use in Hazardous Environments: The mallet is designed to be non-sparking, making it safe for use in environments where flammable gases or dust are present. This adds a layer of safety in potentially hazardous work areas.

Optimized for Force and Reduced Rebound:

  • Steel Shot Filled Canister: The mallet includes a steel shot filled canister that maximizes the force of each strike. The added weight from the steel shot ensures more efficient transfer of energy to the target surface.

  • Absorbs Shock of Impact: The design also reduces rebound and absorbs the shock of impact, making it more effective and easier to control than traditional mallets.

Durable and Chemical-Resistant Construction:

  • Urethane Covering for Durability: The mallet is covered with a molded urethane that is not only chemical-resistant but also adds to the overall durability of the tool. This material withstands rigorous use and exposure to various substances.


The Performance Tool 64oz Dead Blow Mallet - M7264 is a versatile, safe, and effective tool for applications requiring controlled, forceful impacts. Its high-visibility color, reinforced steel handle with anti-shock grip, non-marring soft face, and steel shot filled canister make it an ideal choice for professionals in construction, automotive, or any industry where precision striking is necessary. The non-sparking and chemical-resistant features also ensure safety and longevity, making it a valuable addition to any toolkit.