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Performance Tools 3.5 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack - W1627
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Performance Tool

Performance Tools 3.5 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack - W1627

Performance Tools 3.5 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack - W1627

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Performance Tools 3.5 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack - W1627

Optimized for Low Vehicles and Versatility:

  • Low-Profile Design: Specifically engineered for cars and light-duty trucks, this floor jack boasts a low-profile design, making it perfect for vehicles with lowered suspension. It effortlessly fits under vehicles with minimal ground clearance.
  • Wide Lift Range: Offers an extensive lift range from a minimum height of 2 3/4 inches to a maximum of 20 1/2 inches, providing versatility for various types of vehicles and maintenance needs.

Enhanced Strength and Durability:

  • Robust Construction: The jack features an extended side flange, enhancing its structural integrity and overall strength. This design ensures it can reliably handle up to 3.5 tons (7,000 lbs) without compromise.
  • Durable Material Choice: Constructed with high-grade materials, this floor jack is not only robust but also designed for longevity, making it a reliable tool for frequent use.

User-Friendly Features for Efficiency:

  • Dual-Position Rubber Saddle Pad: Equipped with a dual-position rubber saddle pad, the jack allows for quicker, safer lifts, reducing the risk of vehicle damage while ensuring stability.
  • Ease of Maneuverability: The floor jack's design incorporates smooth-rolling wheels, allowing for easy movement and positioning under the vehicle.

Ideal for Automotive Enthusiasts and Professionals:

  • Perfect for Lowered Cars: If you have a lowered vehicle or deal with custom cars, this jack is an ideal choice, designed to slide under even the lowest profiles.
  • High-Quality Tool for Garages: Suitable for both professional automotive shops and home garages, this floor jack is a high-quality tool, offering reliability for various lifting tasks.

Safety and Maintenance:

  • Built-In Safety Features: Includes essential safety mechanisms to prevent overloading, ensuring user and vehicle safety during use.
  • Maintenance Tips: Regularly inspect for any hydraulic leaks or damage, and ensure to keep the jack clean and lubricated for optimal performance and longevity.


The Performance Tools 3.5 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack - W1627 is a premium-quality, versatile tool, specifically tailored for low vehicles and light-duty trucks. Its low-profile design, combined with a wide lift range and robust construction, makes it an excellent choice for automotive enthusiasts and professionals alike. Whether you're lifting a custom lowered car or performing routine maintenance on a light-duty truck, this floor jack is designed to deliver efficiency, safety, and reliability.