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Simple Strap 2mm Regular Duty Rubber Tie Down Red - CS-SS1-RED
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Simple Strap

Simple Strap 2mm Regular Duty Rubber Tie Down Red - CS-SS1-RED

Simple Strap 2mm Regular Duty Rubber Tie Down Red - CS-SS1-RED

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Simple Strap 2mm Red Rubber Tie Down - CS-SS1-RED

Effortless and Versatile Securing Solution:

  • Unparalleled Ease of Use: The Simple Strap Rubber Tie Down revolutionizes the way you secure items. It's designed to be the fastest and most user-friendly tie-down method available.
  • Impressive Strength: With a Regular Duty strength of 800 PSI and a 2mm thickness, it ensures a robust and reliable hold for a variety of objects.

Durable and Safe Load Handling:

  • Substantial Load Limit: Capable of securely holding up to 335 lbs with just 3 wraps, this rubber tie down is perfect for moderately heavy tasks.
  • Generous Length for Versatility: Each strap measures a lengthy 20 feet, providing ample material to secure a wide range of items, no matter their size.

Customizable and Multi-Purpose Use:

  • Cut to Fit: The flexibility to cut the strap to your desired length makes it suitable for an array of applications, ensuring you always have the right size for the job.
  • Multifaceted Utility: Ideal for various scenarios including construction, home use, camping, bundling materials like lumber and pipes, marine activities, securing items to roof racks, and much more.

Ideal for Outdoors and Challenging Conditions:

  • Perfect for Outdoor Adventures: Whether it's for securing items on a camping trip, bundling fishing gear, or attaching a canoe to a vehicle, this tie down is a reliable companion.
  • Emergency and Repair Applications: An invaluable tool for storm preparation, woodcraft repairs, or any emergency situation where a strong, flexible hold is needed.


The Simple Strap 2mm Red Rubber Tie Down - CS-SS1-RED stands out as a highly efficient, strong, and versatile solution for securing a wide array of items in various settings. Its ease of use, combined with its strength and flexibility, makes it an essential tool for construction, outdoor activities, home use, and emergency situations. Whether you're bundling materials, securing loads for transport, or tackling an unexpected repair, this tie down offers reliability and convenience, making it a must-have in any toolkit.