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Skil 16-5/16in Sawsquatch Log Saw - SPT70v-11
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Skil 16-5/16in Sawsquatch Log Saw - SPT70v-11

Skil 16-5/16in Sawsquatch Log Saw - SPT70v-11

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Skil 16-5/16in Sawsquatch Worm Drive Log Saw - Model: SPT70V-11

Heavy-Duty Cutting Unleashed: Enter the realm of powerful cutting with the Skil SPT70V-11 Sawsquatch Log Saw, the ultimate tool for professionals and enthusiasts crafting log-built structures and large timber projects.

Robust Construction:

  • Durable Magnesium Base: Provides a sturdy, yet lightweight foundation for precise and effortless cutting through heavy materials.
  • Brass Worm Drive Gearing: Offers unparalleled longevity and power transfer, ensuring that the saw can handle the toughest of woods.

High-Capacity Cutting:

  • Deep Cut Capacity: At 6-1/4 inches of cutting depth, it sails through thick logs and beams, making it a go-to saw for cabin builders and landscape artists.
  • 15 Amp Dual-Field Motor: Engineered for performance, the motor keeps cool under pressure, delivering uninterrupted power for the most demanding cuts.

Precision and Control:

  • Enhanced Cutting Visibility: The design allows for clear sightlines for precise cuts, ensuring your work is accurate and to the point.
  • Ergonomic Handles: Offers a comfortable grip and control even through long hours of operation, reducing fatigue and increasing safety.

Built for the Outdoors:

  • Magnesium Footplate: Stands up to the rigors of outdoor work sites, offering stability and endurance against natural elements.
  • Giant Blade Capacity: The 16-5/16 inch blade makes quick work of large-scale materials, reducing cutting time significantly.

Superior Performance:

  • Worm Drive Torque: Power through the densest of woods with the exceptional torque output, a hallmark of Skil’s worm drive technology.
  • Optimized Work Flow: Speed up your project's timeline with a saw that’s built for efficiency and capable of making quick, smooth cuts.

Smart Features for Professional Work:

  • Onboard Multi-Function Wrench: Makes blade changes and adjustments quick and easy, keeping you focused on the job at hand.
  • Anti-Snag Guard: Specially engineered for smooth operation, helping you maintain a steady workflow.

Technical Excellence:

  • Rugged Build Quality: Constructed with industry-leading materials to withstand the daily demands of heavy-duty wood cutting.
  • Superior Motor Life: The Dual-Field motor is designed to stay cool, prolonging its life and ensuring lasting performance.

The Skil SPT70V-11 Sawsquatch Log Saw is more than just a cutting tool; it’s a formidable ally for anyone working with heavy timber. From constructing robust log cabins to slicing through large beams, the saw’s unmatched depth and sturdy construction make it a valuable asset for a range of woodworking tasks. Unleash the power of this sawsquatch on your worksite and experience cutting like never before – with strength, precision, and Skil’s legendary durability.