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Skil 4V Pistol Screwdriver - SD561801
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Skil 4V Pistol Screwdriver - SD561801

Skil 4V Pistol Screwdriver - SD561801

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Skil 4V Pistol Screwdriver - SD561801: Compact and Efficient for Home and DIY Projects

Highly Portable with Powerful Battery:

  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery: The Skil 4V Pistol Screwdriver is equipped with a 4V rechargeable lithium-ion battery, providing reliable power for your screwdriving tasks. This battery ensures long-lasting use and easy recharging with the included micro USB charger.

  • Ideal for Everyday Home and DIY Projects: Designed with everyday usability in mind, this electric screwdriver is perfect for home improvement and various DIY projects. Its user-friendly design and adequate power make it suitable for a range of tasks around the house.

Ergonomic Design for Versatility:

  • Pistol Grip Handle for Tight Spaces: The screwdriver's pistol grip handle offers versatility, easily twisting to fit tight spaces and accommodate various job requirements. This design enhances maneuverability and comfort during use.

  • LED Light for Precision: An integrated LED light enhances visibility, allowing for precision in dimly lit areas. This feature is particularly useful for working in corners or enclosed spaces.

  • Compact and Lightweight for Easy Handling: With a net weight of only 0.81lbs (0.37kg), the screwdriver is lightweight and easy to handle, reducing fatigue during extended use.

Specifications for Informed Use:

  • Chuck Size and Speed: It features a 1/4in hex chuck and a no-load speed of 220rpm, offering efficiency and compatibility with standard bits.

  • Dimensions and Torque: The tool has dimensions of 5 inches in height, 5.7 inches in length, and 1.9 inches in width. It delivers a torque of 36IN.lbs (4Nm), suitable for a variety of screwdriving tasks.

  • Voltage and Battery Capacity: Operating at 4V, the screwdriver's battery provides 6 watt-hours per charge, ensuring adequate power for typical home and DIY projects.


The Skil 4V Pistol Screwdriver - SD561801 is a versatile, compact, and efficient tool ideal for a variety of home and DIY projects. Its ergonomic design, powerful battery, enhanced magnetic bit collar, and comprehensive bit set make it a practical and convenient choice for anyone in need of a reliable electric screwdriver for everyday tasks. Whether assembling furniture, working in tight spaces, or tackling common household repairs, this screwdriver offers the functionality, ease of use, and versatility needed for efficient and effective work.