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Stanley 26in Board Bender - 93-310
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Stanley 26in Board Bender - 93-310

Stanley 26in Board Bender - 93-310

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Stanley 26in Board Bender - 93-310: Professional Precision for Decking and Joist Straightening

Optimized for Deck Building and Woodworking:

  • Ideal for Straightening Decking and Joists: This tool is specially designed to straighten decking boards and joists, making it an essential for deck building and general carpentry.

  • Extra Heavy-Duty Steel Bar: Crafted with a 5/8" high-carbon steel bar, the board bender is exceptionally strong and durable, capable of handling the demands of heavy, warped, or bowed boards.

Designed for Comfort and Efficiency:

  • Cushioned Handle for Kneeling: The handle is cushioned to provide comfort, especially when kneeling to maintain pressure, which is often necessary in decking projects.

  • Frees Both Hands for Nailing: This tool cleverly allows for one-handed operation, freeing up the other hand to secure the straightened board with nails or screws.

Time, Cost, and Material Saving:

  • Saves Time and Money: By streamlining the process of straightening boards, this tool significantly reduces the time and labor involved in decking and woodworking projects.

  • Reduces Material Waste: Its efficiency in straightening warped or bowed boards helps in minimizing material waste, as fewer boards are discarded due to warping.

Additional Features for Enhanced Functionality:

  • 26-Inch Length for Leverage: The 26-inch length provides ample leverage, making it easier to apply the necessary force to bend and straighten even the most stubborn boards.

  • Durable Construction for Longevity: Built to Stanley's high standards, this tool is not only effective but also long-lasting, ensuring years of reliable service.


The Stanley 26in Board Bender - 93-310 is a powerful, efficient, and user-friendly tool, perfect for professionals and DIY enthusiasts involved in deck building and carpentry. Its heavy-duty construction, ergonomic design, and time-saving features make it an invaluable asset for anyone looking to improve the efficiency and quality of their woodworking projects.