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Stanley 48in I-Beam Pro Level - 42-480
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Stanley 48in I-Beam Pro Level - 42-480

Stanley 48in I-Beam Pro Level - 42-480

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Stanley 48in I-Beam Pro Level - 42-480: Precision and Durability for Professional Use

Robust Construction for Enhanced Accuracy:

  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum I-Beam Construction: The Stanley 48in I-Beam Pro Level is built with a heavy-duty aluminum I-beam construction. This design provides the level with exceptional rigidity, crucial for maintaining accuracy in measurements.

  • High Level Accuracy: It offers a level accuracy of 0.0015 in./in. (0.15mm/m), ensuring precise measurements in professional and DIY projects. This degree of accuracy is essential for tasks that require meticulous alignment.

Innovative Features for Versatile Use:

  • 360° Vials for Comprehensive Viewing: The level is equipped with 360° vials that are set directly into the frame. These vials offer a full range of visibility, making it easy to read measurements from any angle without the need for adjustments.

  • Pipe Groove for Rounded Surfaces: A unique feature of this level is the pipe groove, which allows it to be used effectively on rounded surfaces. This versatility makes it suitable for a variety of construction and plumbing tasks.

Enhanced Durability for Heavy-Duty Applications:

  • Shock-Absorbing End Caps: The level includes shock-absorbing end caps. These caps protect the level from damage due to impacts or falls, making it durable enough to withstand heavy-duty use in demanding environments.

Designed for Professional and Personal Use:

  • Ideal for a Range of Projects: Whether you’re a professional working on large construction sites or a homeowner doing DIY renovations, the Stanley 48in I-Beam Pro Level is a reliable tool for ensuring level and accurate installations.

  • Ease of Use: Despite its robust construction, the level is user-friendly. Its clear vials and precise measurements make it easy to use, even for those who are not professional builders.


The Stanley 48in I-Beam Pro Level - 42-480 is an essential tool for anyone who requires accurate and reliable leveling. Its heavy-duty construction, innovative features like 360° vials and a pipe groove, and its shock-absorbing end caps make it a top choice for both professional builders and DIY enthusiasts. This level is designed to offer precision, versatility, and durability, making it a valuable investment for a wide range of construction, renovation, and home improvement projects.