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Titan 12in Rubber Tip Air Blow Gun - 19995
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Titan 12in Rubber Tip Air Blow Gun - 19995

Titan 12in Rubber Tip Air Blow Gun - 19995

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Titan 12in Blow Gun - 19995: Precision and Power for Efficient Cleaning

Extended Reach for Hard-to-Access Areas:

  • 12-Inch Extended Offset Design: The Titan 12in Blow Gun is designed with an extended 12-inch offset, making it ideal for reaching and cleaning hard-to-access areas. This long-reach feature is particularly useful in automotive, industrial, and workshop environments where precision cleaning is required.

  • Angled Aluminum Nozzle for Precision: The blow gun features a 30-degree angled aluminum nozzle equipped with a rubber tip. This design allows for targeted airflow, enabling precise removal of dust, dirt particles, and other debris from specific areas.

Robust Construction for Durability:

  • Zinc-Alloy Body and Steel Trigger: The blow gun is constructed with a zinc-alloy body and a steel trigger, ensuring durability and reliability. This robust construction can withstand the demands of regular use in various work environments.

  • Resilient Aluminum Nozzle with Rubber Tip: The aluminum nozzle, reinforced with a rubber tip, adds to the durability of the blow gun. The rubber tip helps prevent scratching or damage to surfaces during cleaning.

Optimized for Control and Efficiency:

  • Variable Air Pressure Control: Designed with variable air pressure control, this blow gun allows for quick and easy adjustment of airflow. This feature is essential for tasks requiring different air pressure levels for effective cleaning.

Specifications for Compatibility and Safety:

  • Nozzle Outer Diameter: The nozzle has an outer diameter (OD) of 0.50 inches, suitable for various cleaning applications.

  • Air Inlet Size: The blow gun is equipped with a 1/4" NPT female air inlet, making it compatible with standard air hose connections.

  • Working Pressure Range: It operates effectively at a working pressure of 90 psi, with a maximum working pressure of 150 psi. This range ensures powerful and efficient cleaning while maintaining safety standards.

Ideal for a Variety of Applications:

  • Versatile for Multiple Environments: Whether for automotive detailing, industrial machinery maintenance, or in a woodworking workshop, this blow gun is a versatile tool for effective cleaning and debris removal.


The Titan 12in Blow Gun - 19995 is a powerful and precise tool, essential for cleaning and maintaining equipment in hard-to-reach areas. Its extended reach, angled nozzle, durable construction, and variable air pressure control make it a versatile and reliable choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts in various fields. This blow gun is designed to provide efficient, controlled, and safe cleaning solutions for a wide range of applications.