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Titan 16lb Telescopic Magnetic Retriever - 11716
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Titan 16lb Telescopic Magnetic Retriever - 11716

Titan 16lb Telescopic Magnetic Retriever - 11716

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Upgrade your tool collection with the Titan 16lb Telescopic Magnetic Retriever, model number 11716. This handy tool is designed to recover dropped metal items from hard-to-reach areas, making it an invaluable accessory in any workshop, garage, or home.

Product Features:

  • Strong Magnet: Capable of lifting up to 16 pounds of metal.
  • Telescopic Handle: Extends to reach into tight spaces where hands and fingers can't go.
  • Compact Design: Collapses for easy storage when not in use.
  • Durable Construction: Made with quality materials to ensure longevity and resilience.

Product Benefits:

  • Time Saver: Quickly retrieve fallen screws, bolts, tools, and other metal items.
  • Versatile: Useful for mechanics, carpenters, hobbyists, and in any scenario where metal objects are handled.
  • Safety: Allows for the safe retrieval of items without having to manually reach into dark or hazardous spaces.
  • Ease of Use: Simple to operate—extend, aim, and let the magnet do the work.

Ideal Usage: This telescopic magnetic retriever is perfect for those who often work with small metal components, such as in automotive repair, construction, woodworking, or in any DIY environment. Whether you're reaching into an engine bay, behind a workbench, or between household appliances, this tool will make sure you never lose a crucial component again.

The Titan 16lb Telescopic Magnetic Retriever - 11716 is more than just a tool; it’s a problem solver. No more headaches or lost items—just a straightforward solution for retrieving what is out of hand but not out of reach.