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Titan 3/8in Chuck for 1/4in Impact Driver - 16207
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Titan 3/8in Chuck for 1/4in Impact Driver - 16207

Titan 3/8in Chuck for 1/4in Impact Driver - 16207

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Titan 3/8in Chuck for 1/4in Impact Driver - 16207: Maximize Your Impact Driver's Potential

Transform Your Impact Driver into a Multi-Purpose Tool:

  • Innovative Design for Enhanced Versatility: The Titan drill chuck adapter revolutionizes the way you use your 1/4 in. impact driver. By simply attaching this adapter, your impact driver transforms into a versatile tool capable of more than just driving screws. It broadens the scope of your impact driver, making it an all-in-one tool for drilling and fastening tasks.

  • Efficiency in Operation: This adapter is not just about versatility; it's about doing more in less time. Whether you're drilling holes, tightening bolts, or loosening fasteners, the adapter ensures that these tasks are done quickly and efficiently, saving valuable time on the job.

Convenient Keyless Chuck for Easy Bit Changes:

  • Hassle-Free Bit Switching: The keyless drill chuck is a standout feature that simplifies your work. No more fumbling with chuck keys or struggling with bit changes. This easy-to-operate mechanism allows for quick and secure bit changes, enhancing your workflow.

  • Wide Range of Bit Compatibility: The chuck accepts bits up to 3/8 in. diameter, offering a broad range of possibilities. From small precision bits for delicate tasks to larger bits for heavy-duty drilling, this adapter accommodates a diverse range of needs.

Robust Construction for Extended Lifespan:

  • Heavy-Duty Build for Long-Term Use: Crafted from a combination of sturdy plastic and steel, the Titan 3/8in Chuck is designed for durability. Its construction is meant to withstand the rigors of daily use, ensuring that it remains a reliable part of your toolkit for years.

  • Secure Hex Shank Mounting: The 1/4 in. hex shank design offers a stable and secure connection to your impact driver. This secure mounting not only enhances performance but also ensures safety during operation, preventing slippage or disconnection.


The Titan 3/8in Chuck for 1/4in Impact Driver - 16207 is a game-changer for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. It significantly expands the capabilities of a standard impact driver, turning it into a multi-functional powerhouse. With its user-friendly keyless chuck, durable construction, and wide bit compatibility, this adapter is an indispensable accessory that promises to make your work more efficient, versatile, and productive. Whether on a construction site or in a home workshop, this chuck adapter is an investment that will pay dividends in time saved and tasks accomplished.