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Titan 72pc Push Pin Retainer Clips w/ Remover Tool - 85535
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Titan 72pc Push Pin Retainer Clips w/ Remover Tool - 85535

Titan 72pc Push Pin Retainer Clips w/ Remover Tool - 85535

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Titan 72pc Push Pin Retainer Clips w/ Remover Tool - 85535: Comprehensive Set for Automotive Fastening

Wide Range of Applications:

  • Versatile Use on Vehicles: The Titan 72pc Push Pin Retainer Clips set is designed for use in various parts of vehicles, including door trims, fenders, bumpers, radiator shields, splash guards, and more. This versatility makes the set an essential tool for automotive repairs and maintenance.

  • Ideal for Professionals and DIY Enthusiasts: Whether you're a professional mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, this set provides the necessary components for numerous vehicle repair and customization tasks.

Efficient Removal Tool Included:

  • Simple and Effective Fastener Removal: The included fastener removal tool is specifically designed to easily remove old retainers. This tool simplifies the process of disassembling vehicle parts, making repairs and replacements more efficient.

  • Durable Construction for Longevity: Made from quality materials, the removal tool is durable and designed to withstand the rigors of automotive work.

Extensive Collection of Retainer Clips:

  • 72 Pieces in 12 Popular Sizes: The set features 72 pieces of 12 different sizes of popular automotive push retainers, ensuring you have the right size for various needs. This broad range of sizes covers the most common requirements in automotive fastening.

  • Organized in a Handy Case: The clips and the remover tool come in an organizer storage case with 12 compartments. This case keeps the clips neatly organized and easily accessible, enhancing workflow efficiency.

Specifications for Precise Application:

  • Specific Dimensions for Various Needs: The set includes detailed specifications for each clip type, such as hole size, panel range, and dimensions. This information helps in selecting the appropriate clip for specific applications.


The Titan 72pc Push Pin Retainer Clips w/ Remover Tool - 85535 is a comprehensive and practical set for anyone involved in vehicle maintenance and repair. With a wide range of applications, an efficient removal tool, and an extensive collection of retainer clips in various sizes, this set is invaluable for ensuring fast and secure fastening in a multitude of automotive contexts. The organized storage case and detailed specifications further enhance its utility, making it a must-have for both professional mechanics and automotive DIY enthusiasts.