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Titan Mini Round Magnetic Parts Tray - 32962
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Titan Mini Round Magnetic Parts Tray - 32962

Titan Mini Round Magnetic Parts Tray - 32962

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Titan Mini Round Magnetic Parts Tray - 32962: Compact and Efficient for Organizing Small Parts

Magnetic Base for Stability:

  • Secure Attachment: The mini parts tray features a strong magnetic base, allowing it to attach securely to any ferrous metal surface. This feature is particularly useful in preventing the tray from sliding or tipping over, ensuring that small parts remain safely contained.

Ideal for Small Components:

  • Convenient Size for Tiny Items: With its compact size, the Titan Mini Round Magnetic Parts Tray is specifically designed for holding small parts such as screws, nuts, bolts, and washers. This makes it an essential tool for mechanics, technicians, DIY enthusiasts, and anyone who works with small components.

Enhances Efficiency:

  • Keeps Parts Organized: The tray helps keep small parts organized and easily accessible, enhancing efficiency and productivity, especially during assembly, repair, or maintenance tasks.

Durable Construction:

  • Robust Material: Made from durable materials, the tray is designed to withstand regular use in a variety of environments, from professional workshops to home garages.

Portable and Versatile:

  • Easy to Move and Use: The compact and lightweight design of the tray makes it highly portable and versatile. It can be easily moved to different work areas or used in confined spaces where larger trays might not fit.

Prevents Loss of Parts:

  • Avoids Misplacement: By providing a designated place for small parts, the tray reduces the likelihood of misplacing them, which is particularly crucial when dealing with tiny components that are easy to lose.


The Titan Mini Round Magnetic Parts Tray - 32962 is a practical and efficient tool for anyone who works with small parts. Its magnetic base, compact size, and durable construction make it an ideal solution for keeping small components securely organized and accessible. Whether in a professional setting or for home projects, this magnetic parts tray is a valuable asset for enhancing workflow and preventing the loss of small parts.