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Tolsen 1200pc Zip Tie Assortment - 50140
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Tolsen 1200pc Zip Tie Assortment - 50140

Tolsen 1200pc Zip Tie Assortment - 50140

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Tolsen 1200pc Zip Tie Assortment - 50140: Comprehensive and Color-Coded for Organizational Efficiency

Extensive Collection for Various Needs:

  • Wide Variety of Sizes and Colors: The Tolsen 1200pc Zip Tie Assortment offers a comprehensive range of sizes and colors, including 300 white and 200 black cable ties (2.5mm x 4in), 100 each in yellow and blue (2.5mm x 4in), 400 white cable ties (3.5mm x 8in), and 100 white cable ties (4.6mm x 12in). This variety ensures you have the right zip tie for different applications and organizational needs.

Durable and Reliable:

  • Strong Material for Secure Fastening: Made from high-quality materials, these cable ties are designed for strength and durability. They securely fasten objects and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Color-Coded for Easy Identification:

  • Assorted Colors for Easy Organization: The assortment of colors not only makes the cable ties visually appealing but also allows for easy identification and organization of cables and other items.

Versatile for Multiple Applications:

  • Ideal for Home, Office, and Workshop: Whether for organizing cables in a home office, securing items in a workshop, or general household use, these zip ties are versatile tools for a wide range of applications.

Convenient Quantities:

  • Ample Supply for Long-Term Use: With 1200 cable ties in total, this set offers a generous supply, ensuring you have enough cable ties on hand for various needs over time.

Practical Sizes for Different Requirements:

  • Varied Lengths and Widths: The assortment includes different lengths and widths, providing suitable options for securing small to large bundles or objects.

Organized Packaging:

  • Easy to Store and Access: The cable ties are neatly packaged, making them easy to store and access when needed.


The Tolsen 1200pc Zip Tie Assortment - 50140 is a comprehensive, durable, and versatile set of cable ties, ideal for anyone needing a range of sizes and colors for organization and securing items. Whether for personal, office, or workshop use, this assortment offers the convenience, variety, and reliability needed for effective and efficient organization and fastening solutions.