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Tolsen 6in Spring Clamp - 10199
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Tolsen 6in Spring Clamp - 10199

Tolsen 6in Spring Clamp - 10199

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Tolsen 6in Spring Clamp - 10199: Strong and Flexible for Secure Clamping

Robust and Versatile for Various Clamping Needs:

  • Durable Material for Strength: The Tolsen 6in Spring Clamp is made from a strong and rugged type of nylon-fiberglass plastic, ensuring durability and long-lasting use. This material choice provides the clamp with the necessary strength to hold items securely.

  • 6-Inch Length for Adequate Reach: The clamp is 6 inches long, making it suitable for a wide range of clamping tasks. Its size allows it to accommodate various materials and objects, making it versatile for different projects.

Flexible and Efficient Design:

  • Movable Grip Pads for Versatility: Equipped with movable grip pads, the clamp offers maximum flexibility and tension. These pads adapt to the shape of the item being clamped, ensuring a secure and stable grip.

  • Tempered Steel Spring for Consistent Pressure: The clamp incorporates a tempered steel spring that applies consistent pressure. This feature is crucial for maintaining a firm hold on objects, ensuring they stay in place during various tasks.

Easy to Use and Reposition:

  • Provides Instant Holding Power: The spring mechanism of the clamp allows for instant holding power, making it quick and easy to secure items.

  • Easy to Reposition During Work: The clamp is designed for ease of repositioning during assembly, fastening, and gluing work. This flexibility is especially useful in projects where adjustments are frequently needed.

Ideal for a Range of Applications:

  • Suitable for Assembly, Fastening, and Gluing: Whether you are working on carpentry, crafting, DIY projects, or any task that requires temporary clamping, the Tolsen 6in Spring Clamp is an ideal tool. It is particularly effective for tasks involving assembly, fastening, or gluing.

  • Useful in Workshops and Garages: This clamp is a handy tool in workshops, garages, and for hobbyists, providing an easy and efficient way to hold materials in place.


The Tolsen 6in Spring Clamp - 10199 is a practical and reliable tool for anyone needing a strong and flexible clamping solution. Its durable construction, movable grip pads, and consistent pressure application make it suitable for a wide range of applications, including assembly, fastening, and gluing tasks. Easy to use and reposition, this clamp is an essential tool for professional tradespeople, DIY enthusiasts, and anyone engaged in crafting or repair work.