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Tolsen Pruning Saw - 31045
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Tolsen Pruning Saw - 31045

Tolsen Pruning Saw - 31045

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Tolsen Pruning Saw - 31045: Efficient and Versatile for Gardening and Outdoor Adventures

Optimized for Effective Cutting:

  • Generous Blade Length: The Tolsen Pruning Saw features a 13-1/2 inch blade, providing ample length for cutting through branches and shrubs. This blade length is ideal for a range of pruning tasks, allowing for efficient cutting of both small and moderately large branches.

  • 6TPI Super Sharp Blade: Equipped with a 6 teeth per inch (TPI) super sharp blade, this pruning saw can cut through tree branches with ease. The sharpness and tooth pattern are designed for quick and clean cuts, reducing effort and improving cutting efficiency.

Designed for Comfort and Convenience:

  • Lightweight ABS Handle: The saw is designed with a lightweight ABS handle, making it easy to handle and maneuver. The reduced weight minimizes arm fatigue, especially during extended use, making it suitable for prolonged pruning sessions.

  • Great Survival Tool for Outdoor Activities: Given its lightweight design and efficiency in cutting wood, this pruning saw is an excellent tool for hiking and camping. It's ideal for preparing firewood or clearing paths, making it a valuable addition to any outdoor survival kit.

Adaptable for Various Applications:

  • Hollow Round Handle for Extended Reach: One of the unique features of this pruning saw is its hollow round handle, which allows for the attachment of a 15/16" diameter pole. This adaptability provides the option for long reach applications, enabling you to prune higher branches without the need for a ladder.

  • Versatile for Gardening and Beyond: While primarily designed for pruning, the saw’s design and features make it versatile for various applications beyond gardening, including DIY projects and outdoor adventures.

Easy to Store and Maintain:

  • Compact Overall Length: With an overall length of 20 inches, the saw is compact enough to be easily stored in a garden shed, toolbox, or backpack. Its size makes it convenient to keep on hand for impromptu pruning or outdoor excursions.

  • Simple Maintenance: The saw’s blade and handle are designed for easy maintenance, ensuring long-lasting performance with proper care.


The Tolsen Pruning Saw - 31045 is a versatile and efficient tool, perfect for gardeners, hikers, campers, and anyone in need of a reliable cutting tool. Its sharp blade, ergonomic handle, and innovative design for extended reach make it an essential tool for a variety of pruning and outdoor activities. Whether maintaining your garden, embarking on a hiking trip, or engaging in survival camping, this pruning saw offers the functionality and ease of use needed for effective and enjoyable experiences.