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Twist and Seal Cord Protector - TSCP-G-BL
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Twist and Seal

Twist and Seal Cord Protector - TSCP-G-BL

Twist and Seal Cord Protector - TSCP-G-BL

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Twist and Seal Cord Protector - TSCP-G-BL: Reliable Protection for Outdoor Electrical Connections

Enhanced Safety for Outdoor Environments:

  • Ideal for Wet and Uncovered Areas: The Twist and Seal Cord Protector is specifically designed for use around pool pumps, sprinklers, and other uncovered areas. Its protective features make it suitable for environments where electrical cords are exposed to water or moisture, enhancing safety and preventing electrical hazards.

  • Prevents Water Damage to Cords and Plugs: The cord and plug protector is effective in shielding cords from water or melting snow. This protection is crucial in maintaining the integrity of electrical connections in outdoor settings.

Convenient Size and Compatibility:

  • Compact Dimensions for Easy Use: With dimensions of 6.5 x 2 inches, this cord protector is compact yet sufficient to cover and protect most standard cord and plug sizes. Its size makes it easy to handle and install in various outdoor locations.

  • Fits 14-16 Gauge Cords: The protector is compatible with 14-16 gauge cords, a common size for many outdoor and garden electrical tools and equipment. This range ensures versatility and broad applicability in different outdoor setups.

Durable and Weather-Resistant Design:

  • Commercial-Grade Construction: Made with commercial-grade materials, the Twist and Seal Cord Protector is built to endure rigorous outdoor conditions. This durability ensures long-lasting performance and reliability.

  • Weather-Resistant for Outdoor Durability: The protector's weather-resistant design makes it capable of withstanding various outdoor elements. Its ability to resist weather-related wear and tear is essential for consistent protection.

Rated for Safety and Effectiveness:

  • IP44 Rated for Ingress Protection: The IP44 rating of the cord protector indicates its effectiveness in protecting against solid objects and water splashes from all directions. This rating assures a high level of safety and efficiency in protecting electrical connections.

Essential for Outdoor Electrical Safety:

  • Keeps Power Plugs Connected: The Twist and Seal design not only protects against moisture but also ensures that power plugs remain securely connected. This feature prevents accidental unplugging, which can be critical in maintaining continuous operation of outdoor equipment.


The Twist and Seal Cord Protector - TSCP-G-BL is an essential safety accessory for anyone using electrical cords and connections outdoors. Its compact size, compatibility with standard gauge cords, weather resistance, and IP44 rating make it a reliable solution for protecting electrical connections from water and environmental elements. Whether for residential use around pools and garden areas or for commercial applications, this cord protector ensures safety and continuity of power in outdoor settings.